Big Hibiscus Herbal Tea


The lexicon of tea is full of exotic terms. Oolong. Pu-erh. Matcha. Mao Feng. To these, we humbly add Smith. Personally crafted by Smith Teamaker, in exceptionally small batches at the Smith atelier, these teas offer a drinking experience like nothing else in the world. Each is created from carefully chosen ingredients that are picked at their peak and combined with rare verve and imagination. We invite you to find the proof in your cup. To learn exactly when and where each ingredient in these teas was harvested, blended and packed – along with our personal thoughts on its character – please visit and enter the batch number on the bottom of the carton. It’s a bit of inside knowledge we are only too happy to share.


The cabernet of hibiscus teas. We join luscious red hibiscus with Indian sarsaparilla, ginger, pink rose petals, and elderflowers from Europe. Deep red, complex, nuanced and caffeine free, this tea almost needs a corkscrew.

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