Dill Pickle Mustard


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Mouthwatering dill pickles and smooth dijon... It's the mustard you've been waiting for! Level up your burgers, brats, and dogs. Add some zing to potato salad and deviled eggs. Gold medal winner from the world wide mustard competition! Gluten-free. Low carb. Low sugar. Vegan. Keto-friendly. Dairy-free. Simple ingredients * intense flavors. Recipe ideas: Moist dill pickle grilled chicken breasts Cheesy pigs in a blanket appetizer Chicago dog grilled pizza Spiraled cucumber pasta salad with dill pickle dressing Garlic and dill easy potato salad Easy keto pretzels with dip Cuban sandwich pizza Savory tartare sauce Dilly deviled eggs Pan-fried salmon with dill mustard. Produced with 24 mth shelf life