Smoke Lid Kit - A Cocktail Smoker Kit


Our Smoke Lid Kit (No Butane) comes with an oak cocktail Smoke Lid, wood chips, and torch. The Smoke Lid is a drink smoker which is simple to use, takes little space at your bar, and is designed with the character bourbon and whiskey lovers appreciate.  Simply add a pinch of wood flakes, burn with the provided torch, and let rest for a few seconds.   * Kit includes Smoke Top, wood chips, culinary torch. Butane is NOT included in this version.  Shop our cocktail smoker kit with butane instead. * Perfect for smoking whiskey, bourbon, old fashioneds, manhattans, or whatever drink your heart desires. * Tapered lid is designed to fit various size cocktail glasses, including rocks, Glen Cairn, coupe, manhattan, and more.  * Our compact four-burner torch pushes high heat instantly on the chips. * The product contents come packaged in a gift box for a great presentation.
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